Free virtual coach and training program included
ouR workout, your playlist: Synced

Music keeps you intense, focused, inspired and motivated. No matter the place, time or circumstance… you stay driven. Power your performance with the sounds that drive you the most.

COMFORTABLE: Light-weight housing with molded ear piece that stays in any size ear

HD SURROUND: Dual-Driver separates bass and treble for professional sound quality (each earbud features 2 speakers for HD surround sound)

WIRELESS: Bluetooth 4.1 compatible with all devices

RECHARGE TIME: 2 hour re-charge time with Universal Micro USB charge port included

IN-LINE CONTROL: Take phone calls, pause and play songs, skip songs, and change volume with ease

BENDABLE WIRE EAR WRAPS: Customize each ear wrap to fit perfectly and snug to any size ear

DURABLE: Sweat, water and UV resistant