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PERFORMIX SUPER MALE T is a precise and powerful blend of 10 cutting edge ingredients designed to help naturally support healthy testosterone activity levels.†^ Optimizing free testosterone has been suggested to increase strength, endurance, intensity and sexual health.†^ PERFORMIX SUPER MALE T has been designed exclusively for males over the age of 18 featuring one of the highest ultra powerful protodioscin contents available.

Using TERRA Intelligent Dosing technology, an innovative Multi-Coating Matrix (MCM), combined with a pH-phased, delayed release functionality, PERFORMIX SUPER MALE T delivers premium ingredients via multiple targeted release points to help offer a sustained release profile along with improved delivery.

patented clinical ingredients combined with pharmaceutical delivery system

A novel ingredient made with patented extraction technology that results in highly bioactive, high-purity furostanolic saponins, particularly protodioscin from Fenugreek. Furosap® contains more protodioscin than other Fenugreek products on the market. A compound that educes testosterone production and blacks glycoprotein that binds to sex hormones.†^*

A unique extract from the plant Tribulus alatus: Testafuranol contains a high concentration of saponins at premium levels compared to low or even untraceable levels in competitive products. Activates production of natural testosterone.†º

A synergistic matrix of Zinc to promote numerous aspects of cellular functions, including protein synthesis and sexual health: TRAACS® zinc arginate chelate, OptiZinc® Zinc Monomethionine, and Zinc Citrate. Zinc is an essential ingredient in testosterone production.

Also Contains: Maca 4:1, Epimedium brevicornum, Eurycoma longifolia extract 100:1, DIM, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin B-6 and BioPerine® Black Pepper

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
* When used in conjunction with a regular exercise program.
º Based on emerging preliminary experimental research Testafuranol and Furosap®.
^ US 20120295857 A1 - Extract obtained by a comercially viable process for the extraction of furostanolic saponins from fenugreek seeds, in which one of the compounds in the extract is protodioscin.